About HousingAnywhere.com

HousingAnywhere.com is an online platform where students that go abroad for studies, can find & book a room. The rooms are provided by students that go abroad for studies, and thus leave an empty room behind; also private landlords and other people can rent out a room on our platform to an international student. We are simply brining demand & supply for rooms for international students together; this way we make it easier to move around the world for your study program.

Universities can sign up to our platform. Through this process universities gain an extra tool to increase their supplies of off-campus housing and students have a unique outlet to find and rent rooms when they are going abroad.

International Expansion

Since our formation in 2009 we have launched our platform at 120+ universities worldwide. From Rotterdam to Barcelona and all the way to Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Los Angeles: HousingAnywhere.com is a rapidly growing start-up. We expect to grow to over 150 universities by the end of the year. To make this happen we are looking for motivated, internationally orientated people.
We are a vibrant, success driven company that rewards based on achievement.

The people working for HousingAnywhere are described as follows:

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