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HousingAnywhere.com is the international student housing platform, for exchange, internship, volunteer, or working students alike - and one of the fastest growing start-up companies in the Netherlands. We help millions of students worldwide to find and book their new place, while abroad.

HousingAnywhere is an online platform that brings together demand & supply of short stay student housing. International students looking for accommodation can book a room on the platform. People that have a room on offer, can advertise this on the platform: advertisers of rooms can be outgoing exchange students, verified local landlords, social and commercial housing operators.

As featured in Forbes, everything started while the founder, Niels van Deuren was studying for a degree in International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management in 2009 that he spotted the business opportunity. “The programme included a semester exchange to the National University of Singapore,” he says. “It was the combination of struggling to secure housing there and trying to sublet my own apartment while I was away that gave me the idea for Housing Anywhere.”

Soon the platform became very popular in Rotterdam and in 2010 some other Universities in the Netherlands joined. We are now active in over 100 countries and 400+ cities. Partnered with 160+ universities and counting!

In 2017 the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands gave HousingAnywhere the position number 4th in the ranking for most innovative companies. Then again in 2018, the company has been honored by being the fastest growing propTech company in the Netherlands as part of the Technology Fast 50 ranking of Deloitte.

But FIRST, What are we ... ?

We’re a young, dynamic and energetic team. We have awesome ideas and we’re not afraid to think outside of the box. In other words, we’re a breath of fresh air to the student housing market.

Not only do we have a vision, we’re driven to make it happen. We do a lot with a little and getting things done is our top priority. Our adaptability and eagerness to learn, leads us to have an impact on international mobility.

BAM! We’re on fire! We love what we do and we know how unforgettable experiences abroad are. That’s why we’re dedicated to make the process easier for the student community. We are really PASSIONATE about helping international students finding a place abroad, anywhere.

We’re from every corner of the globe, from all kind of cultural backgrounds and different personalities; and.. we’re all working together. Our diversity is what makes us unique, approachable and open.

We’re team players, we watch out for each other and this transcends through the work we do. Our users rely on us to guide them through their journey and we’ve always got their back, just like we have each other.

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